Win at hiring and drafting for character

Build a team of championship-caliber personnel through Tatnuck’s best in class, evidence-based methodology of assessing for winning personality traits in your unique culture.

We pair indirect and direct assessments of personality, emotional intelligence, and mental horsepower to give you a holistic view of a candidate and how they will not only fit into your culture, but perform in their role.


OK, you’ve got the right people in the building. Now what?

Accelerate the learning curve into your organization through events that reinforce your values and teach actionable skill-sets that translate into high performance.

We curate both on and off-site leadership development events that increase affinity for your organization and develop tools that help your people and team function at a higher level.


Maximize the Potential of Your People

Maximize the potential of your people through Tatnuck’s world-class performance coaching and leadership development curriculum.

Every team talks about a ‘next man up’ mentality’. How are you developing your people for their next big challenge? Our executive coaching services ensure that your staff is growing personally, so the organization can succeed collectively.

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